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About Waffle Tree

A Foodie herself, the founder of The Waffle Tree Manisha Solar had been always thriving and have been passionate to do something in the food Industry.

After carrying on with the business of cooking and baking for more than 10 years, there came up an idea of opening an outlet for the products (mainly desserts) which are something new and attract most of the crowd. After some analysis of the dessert variations available in the market, Manisha shortlisted for opening an outlet which would mainly serve Waffles as this is quite the trend now and has been gaining popularity by every passing day amongst the crowd.

Waffles is a quick snack served both sweet & savory. With this simple thought, came up an idea for serving waffles in a complete different manner that is not yet completely explored in and around India. – Serving Waffle sandwiches where the toppings/ flavours are filled between two waffles and served in a ready to go style. The conventional Waffles are supposed to be eaten with a fork and a knife where one has to be seated and have it. But the idea here was that the Waffle can be had by someone with his hand and even on the move, just like a sandwich.

“ The Waffle Tree” thus emerged where we serve not only the dessert Waffles but also the Savory once. Some out of the box thinking has helped in adding the Waffles like “ Shahi Tukda Waffle, Elvis Waffle, Brownie Waffle, Churros – which is a hit amongst the kids” in the menu.

The waffle tree has worked around different flavours to appeal it to Indian Palate and has been starving to serve newest flavor and most acceptable product to our patrons. The main USP of our Waffles is that these are made out of specially formulated eggless batter and all the fillings/ flavours used are eggless as well. So a pure vegetarian can also enjoy our waffles without any hassles.


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